• ISD Annual Website Report


    The GIRESD Annual Website Report is a welcome opportunity for the GIRESD to communicate with our community about how we utilize the resources provided to us. Our spending decisions support our mission to provide the leadership, programs, and services which complement and enhance the efforts of constituent school districts in extending educational opportunities to all students.

    GIRESD supports school improvement efforts, provides cost effective business solutions, offers programs for students, helps parents, and works within our community to maximize resources for all families. Just like any other business organization we issue paychecks,our staff travel to trainings and conferences, we contract with outside vendors for services, and we incur legal costs. Unlike other business organizations, we are governed by a school board selected by our customers, our local districts. Everything we do is subject to public review at any time by any person or organization.

    If you simply review the numbers in this report, you have only scratched the surface of the GIRESD. We invite you to dig deeper into our web site, visit one of our many educational programs, or attend one of our instructional seminars. If you have further questions,comments, or would like to arrange for a visit, please feel free to contact our offices at (989) 875-5101.

    Table of Contents

    Public Act 413 of 2004 amended the Revised School Code by adding section 620, which requires each intermediate school district to post information on its website by December 31 of each year beginning in2006. The information is broken into the following categories:

    1. General Information
    2. Fiber Optic or Cable Equipment
    3. IRS 1099
    4. Contracts
    5. Contract Modifications
    6. Motor Vehicles
    7. Public Relations, Polling, Lobbying & Legal Services
    8. Certain ISD Expenditures
    9. Travel
    10. Salary, Expense Account, and Supplemental Compensation
Last Modified on May 8, 2014