• General Information

    GIRESD provides critical support for all public, charter and non-public schools that operate within Gratiot and Isabella counties. There are 57 ISDs or Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) in the state of Michigan – no two are exactly alike. Each bases its work on the specific needs of their constituent school districts. All offer leadership, programs, and services in the areas of instruction, career and technical education, special education, technology, and business.

    GIRESD operates the following:

    1. Mahoney Center for Educational Services
    2. Winding Brook Conference Center
    3. Gratiot Technical Education Center
    4. Bailey Education Building
    5. Forest Hills Nature Center

    Financial data regarding the operation of the entire GIRESD organization is reflected in the budget summary below:

    Budget Summary Information

    Pupil FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents):13,518 Total Pupils Served

    Constituent Districts, PSAs, Nonpublic Schools:
    Most of the students within the GIRESD service area attend nine constituent local public school districts. In addition, GIRESD serves two charter schools and nine non-public schools.
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    GIRESD Employees

    The total below includes, but is not limited to:

    Instructional, career and technical education, special education, technology, and business staff who provide leadership, programs, and services for area schools throughout mid- Michigan

    Gratiot Technical Education Center (GTEC), offering vocational and employability training to individuals in Gratiot county

    Substitute teachers for each of the GIRESD educational programs

    Math and science specialists who serve students and educators in Gratiot and Isabella counties

    Employment assistance services available in Gratiot, Isabella, and Montcalm counties through the Central Area Michigan Works! Consortium

    Total Employees: 240

    2011-12 Total Dollars Distributed
    During the 2011-12 year, GIRESD operating expenditures amounted to $24,760,186. Over 70% of these funds were used to provide educational programs for special needs students, and to provide pupil instruction and pupil supporting services in the two county area. GIRESD distributed $5,274,470 to local school districts to provide local districts assistance in meeting the cost of their special education programs during 2011-12.

    2011-12 Revenues

    GIRESD revenues are generated through a variety of resources, including, but not limited to: federal and state grants, state aid, property taxes, registrations, fees for services, local foundations, and transfer from other entities, including local school districts. 


    2011-12 Revenues:  $24,688,011

    2011-12 Expenditures

    Expenditures support continued operations in four basic areas: data processing, instructional services, special education, and business services. Support services to local districts are provided for special education, educational/training and professional development, student records, centralized accounting, pupil accounting, and consulting. GIRESD operates the Mahoney Center for Educational Services, Winding Brook Conference Center, Gratiot Technical Education Center, Mt. Pleasant Center, and three locations of the Central Area Michigan Works Consortium.


    2011-12 Expenditures:  $24,760,186
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