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    GIRESD Guidelines for Competitive Bids:
    Each year the State of Michigan Department of Education defines what expenditures for remodeling, procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment must be competitively bid by school districts. Sections 623a, 1267, and 1274 of the Revised School Code establish a base above which competitive bids must be obtained and provide for an increase in the base that corresponds with increases in the Consumer Price Index. For the 2011-12 fiscal year, all expenditures covered by Section 1267 that exceeded $21,825 and all expenditures covered under Sections 623a and 1274 that exceeded $21,825 were required to be competitively bid. 

    How Competitive Bids Work:
    When an item is competitively bid, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is created that includes detailed bid specifications and deadline to submit a proposal. Proposal request forms are available in the GIRESD School District Business Office and the RFP is advertised in the local newspaper and posted on the GIRESD web site. 

    The GIRESD policy for purchases under the limits set by the State of Michigan Department of Education is as follows:
    For purchases expected to cost less than $1,000, GIRESD staff exercised diligence in attempting to locate the best available value. For purchases likely to fall between $1,000 and $10,000, quotations were obtained from at least two vendors. Competitive bids shall be obtained for purchases of supplies, materials, or equipment expected to exceed $10,000, in accordance with Board Policy #6320. Whenever possible, local vendors were given an opportunity to provide a price quotation.

    Subject Matter Vendor   Cost Bid? Signed by Position
    Transportation services for special education students Dean Transportation   $1,958,767.38Yes Jan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Contracted services for the delivery of Early On educational program Eight-Cap Inc. $367,126.94YesJan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Student Management SoftwarePearson Inc.$86,351.03Yes Jan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Technology Consulting ServicesJay Stine Rouman $26,208.00No Jan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Contracted nursing services provided to special education studentsFriends Who Care $50,615.50No Jan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Telephone servicesWinn Telecom $43,054.70Yes Jan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Software and Medicaid management servicesPublic Consulting Group$136.310.10NoJan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Deaf/Hard Hearing management servicesJohn Miller$42,221.73NoJan AmsterburgSuperintendent
    Educational Contracting ServicesPCMI West Educational Contracting Services$187,793.35YesJan AmsterburgSuperintendent


Last Modified on November 27, 2012