• Public Relations, Polling, Lobbying, and Legal Expenses

    The 57 intermediate school districts (ISDs) or regional educational service agencies (RESAs) were created by the legislature in 1962 to bring about quality and equitable educational opportunities to students and schools throughout the state. Because public education is funded and regulated by the state and federal government, it is necessary for ISDs to use some resources to fund activities that promote public accountability, research, and government communications. Because GIRESD is publicly funded, it is responsible for communicating its programs and services to the schools and community. The guiding principle for all activities of this nature is to advocate for the children we serve.

    Like all costs, staff takes great effort to keep legal costs to a minimum.  However, legal costs many times are unavoidable, and the use of attorneys many times helps prevent additional costs from being incurred for other reasons.  Legal expenditures amounted to $40,644 during 2011-12.   GIRESD participates in a consortium of intermediate school districts led by Van Buren ISD for the purpose of engaging lobbying services.  Lobbying costs incurred by GIRESD during 2011-12 amounted to $10,000.

    Vendor Services Amount
    Thrun Law Firm PC Legal services $15,581.00
    LaPointe & Butler PC Legal services $24,463.00
    Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth PLC
    School Equity Caucus
    Legal services
    Lobbying services
    $     600.00


Last Modified on November 27, 2012