• Travel Information

    The GIRESD mission to provide leadership, programs and services requires GIRESD staff to seek out best practices, gain state and national educational perspectives, gather knowledge and skill levels that reflect the latest trends, innovations, and challenges. GIRESD staff members train and guide local experts-- teachers, principals, and other school staff who interact with the 14,207 students who attend our public and non-public school districts.  This type of work requires more travel to conferences and trainings than a typical K-12 school district.  Each job description outlines the travel expectations required for that specific job.  Most leadership and consultant positions at GIRESD require travel, both within the area and throughout the state.  GIRESD ensures accountability by requiring the school board to review and approve all out of state travel. 

    During 2011-12, no GIRESD administrator of board member incurred travel expenses that exceeded $3,000.00.

Last Modified on November 27, 2012