• Parent Coalition Vision
    "Empowering Families to advocate, work and grow together to ensure all children are provided with the opportunity to enter kindergarten safe, healthy, and eager to succeed in school and life." 
    1. To assist in building public support and will for early childhood investments.
    2. To support and be engaged in supporting the work of the Great Start Collaborative.
    3. To serve as a reference and constituency group for parents of the Great Start Collaborative.
    4. To educate policy-makers on the importance of investing in the first five years of life and the essential role that parents and families play in the lives of your children.

    1. Voice for change.
    2. Improve services for children and families.
    3. Training opportunities.
    4. Builds knowledge and skills.
    5. Strengthens the commitment of parents in the community on the behalf of young children.
    Making a Difference
    1. Receive mail from the Collaborative and Parent Coalition.
    2. Community / Neighborhood Involvement.
    3. Staff and Information booth at local community events.
    4. Attend Parent Coalition meetings.