Transition Council 
    The Gratiot Isabella RESD's Transition Council is made up of teachers from each local school district within our region, administrators and community agencies.  The council meets three times per year to collaborate with one another, discuss any changes made at the state in regards to transition planning, assessments, trainings, conferences attended and problem solve. 
    Meeting Dates:
    All Transition Council meetings are held at Winding Brook Conference Centre in Shepherd from 1:00-3:00.  Meeting dates for the 2019-2020 school year are: 
    Dates TBD.
    Transition Council Members:
    Katherine Bush, Alma Public Schools
    Nicole Cowles, Gratiot-Isabella RESD
    Janelle Ferguson, Gratiot-Isabella RESD
    Tiffany Guthrie, Michigan Alliance for Families
    Lowell Gisel, Disability Network
    Maureen Henry, Gratiot-Isabella RESD 
    Malissa Hesse, Breckenridge Community Schools
    Stefanie House, Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
    Allison Hudson, Michigan Rehab Services
    Valerie Maloney, Michigan Rehab Services
    Diana Murphy, Gratiot-Isabella RESD
    Danielle Payne, Gratiot-Isabella RESD Transition Coordinator
    Steve Pritchard, Beal City Public Schools
    Sharyn Root, Ithaca Public Schools
    Joe Shaw, Ashley Community Schools
    Samantha Turner, Shepherd Public Schools
    Janae Yeomans, Fulton Schools
Last Modified on November 8, 2019