• Guardianship Information
    At least one year prior to age 18, the student needs to be informed of parental rights which will transfer to the student at age 18.
    Types of Court-Appointed Guardians
    A Plenary Guardian possesses full legal rights and powers. It is possible to be the Plenary Guardian of the person, or of the estate, or both.

    A Partial Guardian possesses fewer than all the legal rights and powers of a Plenary Guardian. These rights, powers and duties are specifically enumerated in the Court’s order of appointment. It is possible to be the Partial Guardian of the person, or of the estate, or both. Partial Guardianship's last no more than five years, at which time a new petition must be filed.

    A Temporary Guardian possesses only those powers, rights and duties specifically set forth in the Court’s order of appointment. This appointment is made pending the appointment of a Plenary or Partial Guardian when it is necessary for the welfare or protection of the person under emergency circumstances.

    A Standby Guardian may be designated by the Court to become effective upon the death, incapacity, or resignation of the initially appointed guardian without any further Court proceeding. The Standby Guardian may also temporarily assume the powers and duties in an emergency situation and in the absence and unavailability of the initially appointed guardian.


    If you believe that an individual is developmentally disabled and requires a guardian, you should file the form Petition for Appointment of Guardian, Individual with Alleged Developmental Disability (PC 658) in the county of residence of the individual, or in the county in which the individual was found if a county of residence cannot be determined.

    This petition shall be accompanied by a report that contains current evaluations (performed in the last year) by a physician or psychologist who by training or experience is competent to consider the respondent’s mental, physical, social and educational condition, adaptive behavior, and social skills.

    Your petition will be set for hearing generally within 30 days after these documents are filed in the Probate Court. There is no filing fee.
    If you would like more information on Guardianship in your county, call between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Gratiot County Probate Court - (989)875-5231
    Isabella County Probate Court - (989)317-4186 ext. 276

Last Modified on January 22, 2015