• Family Studies
    The Family studies classes include:
    Senior Survival will prepare seniors to live on their own next year. The class will cover getting along with others, personal commitments, money management, banking, credit cards and budgeting.
    Child Development 1&2 will take students from the development of teenagers through young adult and cover topics as dating, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and the growth and development of children from newborn through school age.
    Family Relations deals with the individual and the family. Topics covered are family life cycle, Family Structures, what is a family in the 21st century, and family crisis.

    Explore Future Career Opportunities:

    • Pre-School, Elementary, & High School Teacher
    • Social Worker
    • Police Officer
    • Public School, Children, and Family Counselor
    • Parent








    • Pregnancy Counselor
    • Day Care Worker
    • Marriage Counselor
    • School Psychologist









Emma Schafer
Last Modified on September 20, 2017