Talking is Teaching

  • Join us for Gratiot-Isabella Talk, Read, and Sing Training!  Our "Talk, Read, and Sing in Gratiot & Isabella Counties" campaign is designed to make small moments big by creating opportunities for meaningful family conversations anytime and anywhere.  The campaign will: 

    • Involve and provide information to trusted messengers such as pediatricians, home visitors, child care providers, faith leaders, librarians, social service providers, etc., who have established positive trusting relationships with parents and conduits of information and strategies to support early language interactions within families.
    • Provide high quality information and tools to families, early childhood professionals and the community at large including our unique one, five, 10 and 30 minute messages.
    • Imbed messages in community spaces ranging from grocery stores, laundromats, playgrounds, WIC offices and the like to signage on public transportation vehicles, street level signage and social media as well as local media outreach.

    For more information about this training and to register, click here