• Enrollment
    • 2,454 special education eligible students, ages birth to 26

    Gratiot-Isabella RESD Service Area
  • 9 local school districts
  • 2 public school academies
  • 10 non-public schools, and
  • 3 registered home schools

  • Student Services
    • Assessment, Therapy and/or Consultative services provide support for instructional needs
    • Classroom programs located in local school settings are provided for more challenged students

    Professional Development
    • School administrators, teachers, staff and parents learn about key issues and best practices in special education

    Special Education Service Delivery
  • Cooperatively developed by Michigan Department of Education, GIRESD, Local Education Agencies (LEA), and the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Described in the RESD Special Education Plan
  • Occurs by planning for the unique special education needs of students through evaluation review, referral and Individualized Educational Planning Committee (IEPC) action
  • Educational service plans for infants and toddlers address family needs through Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP)

  • Community Connections
    • GIRESD Special Services provides leadership to interagency service efforts through Early On, Multi-Purpose Collaborating Bodies, and Transition Services Development Partnerships so that efforts are focused, maximize service effectiveness, and contain costs

    Customer Confidence and Continuous Improvement
    • Accomplished through annual monitoring for procedural compliance, procedural due process access, IEP and IFSP review, program evaluation, and research and development