• Criminal Justice
    The Criminal Justice program located at GI-Tec Alma gives students the opportunity to explore the basic concepts and potential careers in the Criminal Justice field.  The program provides instruction in law enforcement, the corrections system, and management within the Criminal Justice system. Criminal justice is primarily an academic program with some physical fitness and stress management aspects.  There is a focus on Community Service with students involved in a group project. Students will also have opportunities for some hands-on activities such as handcuffing, investigations, and firearms training (training weapons only). There will be multiple field trips and guest speakers to give the students first-hand knowledge of the many career opportunities available to them. 

    Special Class Features

    Opportunity to earn up to 9 Lansing Community College Credits (reading/writing placement levels must be met)

    Multiple field trips

    Guest speakers

Jessica Kunik
Pete Hairston
Last Modified on September 20, 2017