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Service Learning Project

 Service Learning Project Service Learning Project

Kallei Mapes-Hahn, GIRESD Teacher
The students in Mrs. Mapes-Hahn's middle school MoCI class spent time before winter break learning about animal needs and animal shelters through a service learning project.  The students spent two afternoons learning about various ways that animals help humans (service animals, companionship, police and military animals were among the favorites to learn about) and learning about animals needs to survive.  The class also discussed costs of animal care and reasons why those that have animals might need to give them up to the shelter.  
The students then took their learning and turned it into service by using money from previously sold crafts to go shopping at a local animal supply store for food, toys, and treats and then delivering them to the Gratiot County Animal Shelter.  The shelter employees took time to introduce the students to the animals and to explain how animals end up in the shlter and the various ways that they are cared for until they are adopted out or recovered by their owners.  The class thanks the Gratiot County Animal Shelter for their patience and hard work with both the students in the class during their visit, as well as with all the animals that come through the shelter.