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Educators in Industry Tour

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Educators to Industry Tour

Since the passage of the Gratiot-Isabella CTE millage in November of 2013, a new era of collaboration has begun between area schools and area businesses. There are a variety of reports indicating a concern about the pipeline of skill trades workers, especially in light of an aging workforce. 

On August 19,
2015, a group of educators from Gratiot and Isabella Counties took a road trip to three area businesses up the 127 corridor.  The “Educator to Industry Tour” included stops at Aircraft Precision Products in Ithaca, Garr Tool in Alma, and American Mitsuba in Mt. Pleasant. Tours of these facilities gave educators a perspective of global impact local manufacturers have and what skills are required to manufacture the products they make.

Associate Superintendent for CTE, Douglas Bush, said he had been setting up visitations to various businesses during the past year, but “the idea for this “tour” in the summer was inspired by a local principal who was unable to attend as many visits as he would have like during the school year. We want to partner to partner with local business to support educational and training opportunities while meeting the needs of local businesses to have a highly skilled workforce.”