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GI-TEC Construction Trades Receives Grants

GI-TEC Construction Trades Receives Grants to Help Students on the Worksite!
GI-TEC Construction Trades


Thank you Gratiot County Community Foundation and Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation!

The GI-TEC Construction Trades
 class was recently brought back as a career and technical education offering for students in Gratiot and Isabella Counties.  After taking a year to get re-established with smaller projects, the class began building a residential house in Mt. Pleasant this fall.  Taking on a project of this magnitude takes great planning, a skilled teacher and dedicated students. 


When thinking of students learning on an actual construction work site, a need became apparent and the idea for a grant proposal was born.  The purpose of the proposal was to help students have work gear that would enable them to be better prepared for their learning experience at a construction worksite.  This project would help ensure that all students had the gear needed to comfortably be on the worksite where they develop skills in construction trades. Just as much construction work is completed in the elements, this class is conducted on a building site that is in those same elements. Not all students have the means for work gear that is best for this learning environment. Many students come ill-prepared for a learning and working environment that is in the cold, snow, or rain. Specifically, the purpose of this project was to establish a class set of work gear so each student has appropriate industry standard gear. The need for this project was evident when watching the students arrive in jackets, sweatshirts, and outdoor coats that they need to wear every other day. It is not feasible for students to purchase the sturdy outer work gear that is used in the industry for a single class. 


We are pleased to say that the vision for this project was caught by the Clyde and Maude Mizer Memorial Fund through the Gratiot County Community Foundation and the Kellogg Youth Fund of the Mt. Pleasant Community Foundation.  Both of these funds combined to complete this project.  These funds were used to acquire the initial inventory which can be maintained with purchases of single sets in the years ahead to keep the full class in industry standard gear for now and the future.